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About the Local Government Institute of Wisconsin

Founded in October 2007

Mission Statement: The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-partisan corporation representing all citizens of Wisconsin at the local level and created to conduct research, enhance collaboration, and educate the public and policymakers on ways to improve local government's ability to serve the people.

Vision: The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. will collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

LGI Overview Presentation:

Founding Partners

Wisconsin Counties Association

League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Wisconsin Towns Association

Funding: Funding is provided by our founding partners and program income.

Administration: Administrative services for the LGI are provided under contract by Hanna Strategic Leadership Consulting, Timothy Hanna serves as Executive Director.

Contact Us: Mailing Address: 3118 E. Sableridge Dr., Appleton  54913. Phone: (920) 257-4598 Email:

What's The Difference Between LGI and the Local Government Center?