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Voting Board Members:

Jerry Wehrle (President), former Mayor, City of Lancaster; Public Board Member

Lance Pliml, County Board Chair, Wood County; Wisconsin Counties Association Representative

Maureen Murphy, Village Administrator, Village of Mount Pleasant; Urban Alliance Representative

Mike Pagel, Town Chair, Town of Lanark, Portage County; Wisconsin Towns Association Representative

Dennis O'Laughlin (Vice President), former Dane County Supervisor; Wisconsin Counties Association Representative

Andrew Kurtz, Village Administrator, Village of Marathon City; League of Wisconsin Municipalities Representative

Joseph Moore, City Manager, City of Fond du Lac; League of Wisconsin Municipalities Representative

William Mielke, CEO, Ruekert-Mielke; Public Board Member

Jean Jacobson (Treasurer), Chair, Town of Norway, Racine County; Public Board Member

Larry MacDonald, former Mayor, City of Bayfield & Owner Cooper Hill House B&B; Public Board Member

Non-Voting Board Members:

Mike Koles, Executive Director, Wisconsin Towns Association

Jerry Deschane, Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Mark O'Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association


Advisory Board Members:

Terry McMahon, Supervisor, Town of Yorkville , Racine County