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Q&A Session with Rebecca Ryan and Gary Becker, recorded June 6, 2017.


LGI Future Regions Q&A #2 from Next Generation Consulting on Vimeo.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by "region"?

A. We do not have a pre-defined "region" in mind, other than an area that is larger than a single jurisdiction. A village and its neighboring town may be considered a region, or a collection of many counties may be considered a region. The minimum for participating in Future Regions are two collaborating jurisdictions. To confuse things even further, there may be multiple "regions" participating in a regional Future Regions workshop. For example a village and a town may apply as a region and propose to have twenty people participate from that region. Two counties from the same part of the state may apply as a region and propose to have 60 people participate. We may combine the two "regions" to participate in the same regional workshop, but each self-defined region will be able to work as a team within the workshop. Our target is about 80 people per workshop.

2. Is there a maximum number of participants from a region?

A. There are no limits to the number of jurisdictions participating, but practical consideration for maximum learning and engagement suggests workshop sizes should not exceed 125 participants.

3. Do we need to come in with an issue or can we figure that out in the workshop?

A. Some areas may recognize the need to talk to one another about issues that affect them, but have not started conversations to understand what those issues are. A Future Regions workshop series would be a great way to get to know your neighbors, learn about the issues that concern you and develop a plan for taking action on those issues. A Future Regions workshop really comes into its own, however, when you come in with an issue to address and the stakeholders that are impacted. That is the perfect set-up for success!

4. When will applications be available for the next round of workshops?

A. We have decided not to set application deadlines. If you are interested in being considered as a Future Region, please contact us - We will work with you to help you prepare a Future Region work plan. You can expect this to take a number of months, as it will involve working together with multiple units of government as well as other community stakeholders. The work plan will then be considered by the LGI Board of Directors for funding.