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Local governments across Wisconsin are finding creative ways of working together to deliver better services at lower costs to taxpayer.  This publication is a set of 85 case studies documenting local government collaboration around the delivery of 34 types of services.  Types of services include animal control, building inspection, data services, environmental protection, land use, public safety, health, roads, waste management, parks & recreation, public works, records, purchasing, tax increment financing and transportation.

This document is a publication from a data base of case studies maintained on this website at The on-line database includes actual agreements and other documents associated with many of the case studies.

The collection of case studies was a recommendation from LGI’s research report issued in 2010, A Roadmap for Government Transformation.  One of the many recommendations from the study examining barriers and success factors for greater local government collaboration was that case studies and documents should be collected so that others interested in initiating a collaborative effort could have a template and a contact to offer guidance.  The 2010 report is available on LGI’s website at A Roadmap for Government Transformation.

The case studies were collected over the course of two years by soliciting examples from local government leaders.  There are many more examples of local government collaboration that were not submitted.  LGI is continuing to collect examples of local governments working together to deliver public services.  We encourage people to let us know of such examples.  LGI maintains a form for collecting case studies at or an email may be sent to

This report is part of an on-going effort by LGI to encourage examining the ways in which local government services are delivered within an area including the quality and cost of those services.  The ability of local governments to cooperate regionally and the efficiency of local service delivery are key components affecting the economic competitiveness of Wisconsin.  Other on-going efforts by LGI include co-hosting a Lean Government Conference with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, hosting occasional workshops and webinars and conducting research.

Click on image to download a map showing distribution of case studies across Wisconsin.

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