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As a follow-up to the Filling Potholes report, the Local Government Institute worked with three of Professor Karl Nollenberg's policy analysis students from the Masters of Public Administration program at UW-Oshkosh. LGI was interested in learning the level of acceptance for various funding options described in the report.

The students surveyed hundreds of local officials across the state of Wisconsin including city managers, transportation directors, city engineers, and mayors. Respondents included those from the state, cities, towns, counties, and villages. They were asked which of the ten funding options from the report they saw as having potential for solving Wisconsin’s transportation and infrastructure revenue issues. 626 returned surveys indicated that the best options would be value based registration fee, a sales tax on gas, indexing the gas tax, and increase the flat rate fee. Based on the fiscal analysis, the wheel tax would be the best option because it generates a fair amount of revenue at a relatively low cost to citizens and units of government are already able to use this funding mechanism. Other options could be viable; however, they require legislative approval before they would be able to be implemented.

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