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Type of Jurisdictions Involved


Regional Health Center

Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Outagamie County,
  • Fox Cities Community Health Center





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

May 26, 2009 MOU adopted

Factors Involved

  • Outagamie County had to subsidize many private HMO's and State's Medicaid program in order to deliver needed services to some residents since Medicaid only reimburses 58% of county costs for mental health services
  • Fox Cities Community Health Center was seeing Outagamie County residents with no form of 3rd party health coverage and thus receiving no reimbursement for services
  • Fox Cities Community Health Center experiencing high no-show rates for mental health services and preoducitivity levels of clinicians low
  • Long waits for residents to get appointments to receive mental health services
  • Outagamie County helping pay for large amount of medications for county residents at $160,000 per year


  • Reduced costs
  • More efficient and comprehensive services
  • Improved service delivery


  • Great financial benefits - Savings in staffing costs, medication costs
  • Increased Medicaid revenues
  • Reduction in medical costs in emergency room visits and the like
  • Greater efficiencies and improved service delivery - shorter wait times, decrease in no-show rate, increased worker productivity

Project Contact

John Rathman

Outagamie County

Deputy Director of Health and Human Services


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