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Type of Jurisdictions Involved


Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Village of Kimberly,
  • Village of Little Chute





Type of Agreement

66.0301(2) joint agreement

Implementation and Incubation

September 2001

Factors Involved

  • Desire to create a new library on the part of the Village of Little Chute
  • Desire on the part of the Village of Kimberly to retain their library director, who was considering taking a job with the larger Little Chute
  • A joint agreement was decided to be a logical approach


  • Each village would be financially responsible for the remodeling and construction of their individual library buildings
  • Two villages would share a library director and staff


  • Two villages share a staff that rotates between the two libraries, thus increasing the number and specialities of employees available at both sites Merger allowed additional full-time and part-time staff members to be hired
  • Village of Kimberly is the ficscal leader of the project because it had an established library and because the library director was familiar with Kimberly's personnel and budget procedures
  • Deemed a success by both villages. It is one of the few joint library systems nationwide that has more than one building
  • Decrease in library budget, but increase in the amount of service delivered - more books and resources available, greater staffing
  • Reduced (or eliminated) capital costs of starting a system from scratch
  • Little Chute assessed 60% of the total costs since it is the larger of the two municiaplities
  • Modern and convenient libraries Staff enjoys being able to work in both locations
  • Number of library cards on file increased about 3,000 from 1994 to 2000
  • Formation of Joint Library Board

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  • Kimberly-Little Chute Library Director Barbara Wentzel
  • Little Chute Vilalge Administrator Thomas Lebak
  • Little Chute Finance Director Dale Haug
  • Kimberly Administrator Rick Hermus
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