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Type of Jurisdictions Involved


Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Outagamie County,
  • Waupaca County


  • Outagamie
  • Waupaca



Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

  • Originally formed Outgamie-Waupaca County Library System (OWLS) in 1976 In the late 1980s, OWLS agreed to purchase the City of Appleton's computerized circulation system and created a shared library circulation system
  • In 1995, OWLS agreed to automate the system of library services for 9 different counties
  • Today, OWLS provides computerized library services to 51 libraries in 10 counties

Factors Involved

  • The partnership was originally pursued in an effort to give greater library access to residents of the two counties
  • Outagamie and Waupaca Counties had a preexisting relationship that led to better communication between library systems
  • Both counties had to adopt resolutions in 1976 to allow for cooperation


  • More efficient and automated delivery of library services


  • OWLS charges membership fees to libraries that want to participate in its computerized circulation system - represents a large percentage of OWLS' revenues Receive state funds as well
  • More efficient and automated delivery of library services to a wider range of individuals 840,000 items loaned in OWLS-Nicolet partnership in 2008, compared to 32,000 in the 1980s Fiscal savings for those involved

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