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Type of Jurisdictions Involved





Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Richland and Sauk Counties,
  • Towns of Buena Vista and Spring Green,
  • UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources






Type of Agreement

No Formal Agreement -Informal Only

Implementation and Incubation

  • Began in 2010 with goal of agreeing on a process for collaboratively exploring solutions to ongoing water related issues including ground water levels and flooding in the Spring Green area.
  • Host three sessions to get feedback from the public with emphasis on objective discussions on the key issues and questions

Factors Involved

Desire to develop strategies to deal with water issues to avoid high costs incurred for each flood event.


  • Creation of a forum to discuss a problem affecting an area that cuts across political jurisdictions
  • Commitment from multiple parties to work toward actions that will remediate flooding.


  • First forum held November 17, 2010, second forum held February 23, 2011. A third meeting presented important points on which there was consensus and an agreement to get beyond a local belief about the role of a specific pond in flooding despite research indicating the pond could not be playing a role.
  • There was also agreement that the focus on future efforts should be on adaptation and that information will continue to be presented to the community so decisions on remedial action could be made.
  • A Drainage District was formed to address flooding of ag land and the Tri-County Airport. Richland and Sauk County Highway Departments are investigating design and construction of a culvert.
  • An EDA grant was secured to help pay the cost of a flood control system.
  • FEMA buy-outs eliminated many of the structures that were in the flood area and new flood control maps will prevent future construction in areas prone to flooding.

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