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Type of Jurisdictions Involved





Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Town of Washington,
  • City of Eau Claire,
  • Chippewa Falls,
  • City of Menomonie,
  • City of River Falls,
  • City of Altoona,
  • Others: UW-Extension,
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Eau Claire

Type of Agreement

No Formal Agreement - Informal Only

Factors Involved

  • Grew from a meeting between the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire County to discuss coordinating their approaches with builders and developers on storm water management
  • The City of Eau Claire was a Phase 1 community and had already established a storm water utility to implement storm water programs when the permitting process began for the Chippewa Valley


  • Coordinated approaches to working with builders and developers on storm water management


  • Facilitates the coordination of information and education programs among different members
  • A cooperative agreement is in place between members that identifies a limited scope of tasks and responsibilities
  • Funding sources - Does not have any funding sources or any dedicated staff members; no member dues
  • Clean sweep, presentations to environmental and school groups, dispalys, best management practice tour co-hosted with homebuilders, workshops, media coverage, informational signs, neighborhood association information sheets, local fair displays, local builders conference, participated in the local Earth Day celebration


John Genskow

City of Eau Claire

Public Works Department


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