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Type of Jurisdictions Involved




Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Village of Germantown,
  • City of West Bend,
  • City of Hartford,
  • Washington County



Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

  • Clean Ways for Waterways - initiated in 2002 by Washington County Conservationist Blaine Delzer

Factors Involved

  • Desire to work together on stormwater information and education


  • Coordination on stormwater information and education


  • County and municipalities established intergovernmental agreements for the duration of the grant project - selected a firm to lead the development and implementation of their public education program
  • Effort was funded with a Wisconsin DNR Urban Nonpoint Source and Storm Water Planning grant in the amount of $70,000
  • Local match was provided in both cash and in-kind services
  • Applied for and received a Wisconsin DNR UNPS and SW grant, established intergovernmental agreements, hired a consultant to work on education programs, logo contest for schools, website, construction site erosion control workshop for contractors, rain garden installation
  • 'Clean Ways for Waterways' DVD, campaign brochure and poster, presentations to community groups, classroom activities for high school students, distribute promotional materials


Judy Neu

City of West Bend Engineering


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