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Type of Jurisdictions Involved


Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Town of Algoma,
  • Town of Omro





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of services

Implementation and Incubation

  • The sanitary districts of the Town of Algoma and the Town of Omro have been working cooperatively for the past 10 years to provide sanitary sewer and water services to residents through intergovernmental agreements
  • Have recently explored options for consolidating and becoming one entity/district to reduce rates
  • Consolidation approved by referendum vote of over 80% on April 2012 ballot
  • Public meetings were held in 2011 and early 2012 to provide information on the terms of consolidation after consolidation was approved by Towns of Algoma and Omro in June 2011

Factors Involved

Several motivating factors:

  • Save over $60,000 annually by eliminating duplicated expenses including insurance, attorney fees, building rent, engineering, staffing, and audit expenses
  • Maximize economy of scale savings
  • Improve financial strength in terms of cash on hand versus annual expenses
  • Expand the current customer base and increase future growth potential


  • District able to keep 12 months cash on hand for operating and maintenance


  • Consolidation effective May 1, 2012
  • Consolidation led to combination of records and ordinances of the District

Web Site

Project Contact

Kevin Mraz

Town of Algoma Utility Director

(920) 426-0335


Kevin Mraz

Town of Algoma Utility Director

(920) 426-0335

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