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Type of Jurisdictions Involved



Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Village of Pewaukee,
  • Town of Pewaukee





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

Village and Town adopted ordinances approving consolidation of services in November 1996

Factors Involved

  • Prior successful merger of fire and rescue services - saw another opportunity
  • The Village was concerned with the level of recreational programs and maintenance of the parks


  • Improve a public service
  • Provide better programming on a more efficient basis and attract children and senior citizens year-round Improve maintenance within the parks and expand existing park lands


  • Combined each community's recreation director together into one position In 1998, the Town of Pewaukee incorporated and became the City of Pewaukee Transition period started in 1998
  • No duplication and recreation services in the communities Improved condition of parks
  • Diverse and abundant recreation programming
  • Recreation progams running at capacity More efficient use of shared equipment, higher level of service
  • Creation of 43 acre new park
  • Opening up of membership to soccer, baseball, and adult softball club
  • Creation of a maintenance manual Has led to discussions of other mergers


  • Chair of the Park and Recreation Board Bob Rohde
  • Village of Pewaukee Administrator Jennifer Sheiffer
  • City of Pewaukee Aministrator Harlan Clinkenbeard
  • Park/Recreation Director Dawn Thomson
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