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Type of Jurisdictions Involved





Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Green Lake County,
  • Green Lake City,
  • Town of Brooklyn,
  • City of Berlin,
  • City of Markesan,
  • City of Princeton,
  • Other Towns in the County


Green Lake



Type of Agreement

Numerous cost-share, mutual aid, purchasing, library aid, revenue sharing agreements exist

Implementation and Incubation

  • Office of Energy Independence - Energy Independent Communities 25x25 pilot program: Green Lake County & the School District of Green Lake (City) co-operated on a grant submittal.
  • Began in fall 2008, when application for the 2009 pilot program was submitted
  • The initial impetus came from a 'team' of interested individuals who worked on the grant
  • After the grant was submitted in 2008, the team continued(s) to meet monthly to review & update possible projects and progress
  • The County approved a resolution to support & promote the 25x25 initiative in Dec. 2008, as did the City of Green Lake
  • The school district is seeking to upgrade & improve its aging building
  • The County was in process of building a new justice center & health & human services complex that was planned to be Silver LEED certified. We are now meeting monthly to 'vision' our plan to take us into the future in a healthy, sustainable way.

Factors Involved

  • Small budgets
  • Need to share equipment, lots of rural roads
  • A premiere lake
  • A failing tourist industry
  • Need to maintain our farms
  • Desire to keep healthy water (ground & surface)
  • Few jobs, aging population, poverty, declining education support


  • Substantial cost savings through energy use reduction
  • Students would see, use, and work on actual models, and be able to do hands-on learning
  • Substantial energy savings in running a county-wide complex, in addition to cost savings through upgrading electrical, heating, etc. in smaller county owned buildings


Now beginning to see some numbers

Project Contact

Susan E. McConnell

PO Box 214

Green Lake, WI 54941

(920) 748-7669

Elected County Board Supervisor. Serving on Ag./Ext. & Cty. Fair; Land Use Planning & Zoning; Land Conservation; Finance committees


For the School:

Ken Bates, Green Lake Public School District Administrator

(920) 294-6411

Gordy Farrell - Green Lake School Board Member

(920) 294-3900

For the County:

Jason Kauffeld - UW Ext. Community Resource Director

(920) 294-4032

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