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Consolidation of recycling services

Type of Jurisdictions Involved



Specific Jurisdictions Involved

Taylor County








Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services


Implementation and Incubation

15 towns and 2 villages (as of January 2002) collecting and marketing recyclables under a joint agreement administered by the county


Factors Involved

  • Came about after 1990 Wisconsin Act 335 - Wisconsin Recycling Bill
  • Language forced municipalities to close their existing landfills and mandated that local units of government be designated as 'responsible units' by the WI DNR to begin their own refuse and recycling programs to become eligble for state reimbursement for a portion of the costs necessary to administer such programs
  • Municipalities and counties could merge their refuse and recycling programs to gain more state aids and to provide for cost efficiencies in mainining these programs.



  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced service delivery



  • Authority has an overall director, as well as separate contracts with each of the 17 municipalities
  • Each municipality is reponsible for its own solid waste collection
  • Authority provides the following for those involved:
    • Providing and maintaining a recycling trailer for each collection site, obtaining a license and insurance for each unit, providing storage boxes for storage for each trailer, filing for and administering the state grant each year 
    • Administering the budget, accounting and calculating any surcharge for year-end short falls based on each municipality's population 
  • Coordinating and funding all educational efforts
  • Taylor County has avoided having to site and build a new landfill since the closure of all local dumps
  • This has led to savings for county taxpayers over the last decade
  • Expanded list of materials collected, and better coordinated 'clean sweep' programs.


Project Contact




Ed Stroinski - Chair of the Taylor County Recycling Authority
Chair of the Town of Taft Randy Mayer - Authority Member
President Arlen Albrecht - Community Resource Development Educator






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