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Consolidation of fire protection services between towns

Type of Jurisdictions Involved



Specific Jurisdictions Involved

Town of Shelby;
Town of Greenfield



La Crosse





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services


Implementation and Incubation

Fire protection with the Town of Greenfield agreement approved March 10, 2008


Factors Involved

  • Town of Greenfield currently contracted with Town of Shelby for fire protection services 
  • Town of Shelby will continue to provide fire protection services to parts of Town of Greenfield
  • Greenfield was planning to construct a new Town Hall and Community Center
  • Two fire truck bays were added into the plans in order for the Town of Shelby to house fire vehicles there and to serve as a 2nd Shelby fire station



  • Higher level of fire service and cost savings
  • Shelby and Greenfield would recruit fire and first responder personnel from the immediate area to be members of the Shelby Fire Department and responding to calls from the Greenfield Stations - would be one department with 2 stations



  • Enhanced fire protection service coverage
  • Shelby able to delay construction of a new station with vehicles housed in the Greenfield station Greenfield did not need to develop a separate fire department
  • Greenfield pays Shelby $35,000 - $45,000 per year for fire protection services
  • Greenfield residents saw a decrease in their fire inssurance premium due to have a station closer to their residents
  • Total savings to Greenfield: Capital expenditures $600,000, fire operating $50,000
  • Total savings to Shelby: Capital (less 2 truck bays) $200,000, additional income $35,000 - $45,000 pe ryear, delayed new stations $500,000 - $800,000
  • Residents save $200 - $400 per year in fire insurance premiums


Project Contact

Jeffrey L. Brudos
Town of Shelby 608-788-1032



Mike Kemp
Town of Shelby Fire Chief
608-788-1032, Ext 4



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