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A Guide for Workforce Leaders, Policy Makers, Funders, Practitioners, and Aspiring Innovators

by Kristin Wolff and Vinz Koller, Social Policy Research Associates

Published in August 2011 by Enhancing Workforce Leadership, an initiative funded by the U.S. Dept. of Labor.


  • Seismic Changes
  • New Leadership Responses
  • An Emerging Framework: Weadership

How to Use This Guide

The Six Practices

  1. Adopt a Wide-Angle Point of View
  2. Build Diverse Networks
  3. Embrace Openness
  4. Encourage Experimentation
  5. Add Unique Value
  6. Cultivate Next Generation Leaders


Select Project Resources

Special Inserts:

  • Key Innovations in Public Policy: An Overview for Workforce Leaders
  • Social Innovation
  • Online Gaming for the Public Good
  • Crowdsourcing (and Crowdfunding)
  • “Gov2.0”
    • Exhibits:

      • Resources Helping Workforce Leaders Learn & Lead
      • What is Leadership?
      • Who is a Workforce Leader
      • What Skills Do Today’s Leaders Need?
      • Three Questions Leaders Should Ask in Service
      • of Cultivating Next Generation Leaders


      • Methods: How We Launched and Managed
      • the Enhancing Workforce Leadership Initiative
      • Favorite Books on Leadership
      • Curated Videos on Leadership
      • Favorite Websites & Blogs
      • How Workforce Leaders Know Where They Stand (Skills Assessment)
      • The Multiplier Disciplines
      • Great Storytelling by Traditional & Nontraditional Workforce Leaders
      • Click here to visit document's website.

      Click here to visit document's website.

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