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The Turning Point Leadership Development National Excellence Collaborative was a partnership of local, state, and national public health organizations working to increase collaborative leadership capacity at all levels of public health practice. The Collaborative was created in 1999 by the Turning Point Initiative. The work and products of the collaborative are funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The program closed in 2006, but most of the excellent materials produced by this program are archived on the web at:

Sections in Collaborative Leadership: Fundamental Concepts include:

  1. What is collaboration?
  2. When to use and when not to use collaboration
  3. What is leadership?
  4. Who is a leader?
  5. Leadership styles
  6. Why collaborate?
  7. What is the context for collaboration?
  8. What are the keys to successful collaboration?
  9. What is collaborative leadership?
  10. What makes collaborative leadership different?
  11. The six practices of collaborative leadership.
  12. Collaborative leadership strategies
  13. Challenges
  14. Building collaborative leadership skills

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