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Type of Jurisdictions Involved



Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Village of Rib Lake,
  • Town of Rib Lake,
  • Town of Greenwood





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

Village of Rib Lake President Larry Ziembo was in charge of solid waste collection for the Village. He talked to the Town of Rib Lake and the Town of Greenwood about collaborating, since the three municipalities worked together in the past on a fire commission

Factors Involved

  • Joint Rib Lake Area Recycling Commission does not have any desire to join the county's program because it feels that its program is working well and is cost effective
  • Village and Town leaders involved went to the first Taylor County Recycling Authority meetings and they left with unanswered questions and were uncertain as to what the county would do for the municipalities if the county served as the 'Responsible Unit'


  • Joint Rib Lake Area Recyciling Commission became the 'Local Responsible Unit'


  • Joint Rib Lake Area Recyciling Commission became the 'Local Responsible Unit'
  • The agreement was modeled after the fire commission contracts. Three members from each municipality serve on the commission, and a chair position is rotated each year
  • Three municipalities evenly split profits and costs
  • Costs over revenues are sent to each municipality to incorporate in annual property tax rates
  • Late in each year, cost overruns are evenly reallocated to each municipality to pay from municipal funds
  • A designated person is in charge of grant writing and reporting to the DNR each year No large financial benefits - costs each municipality pays is about what they previously paid for tipping fees
  • Good reports received from the DNR, and even extra money the last couple of years for its bag sticker program


Village of Rib Lake President Larry Ziembo

Village of Rib Lake Clerk-Treasurer Dawn Swenson

Arlen Albrect, Taylor County UW-Extension Educator

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