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Type of Jurisdictions Involved

  • County
  • Village

Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Brown County,
  • Village of Howard,
  • Village of Allouez





Type of Agreement

Contract for Services

Factors Involved

  • Desire to save money by avoiding investment of significant dollars to build police stations, to obtain and maintain equipment, and to hire staff and officers
  • Avoiding capital investment of starting own police force by contracting with Brown County for services


  • Reduce costs by avoiding capital cost investment (for Villages)
  • Delivery of police services to residents of Villages
  • Access to best possible law enforcement at best possible price


  • Cost savings with increased efficiency and better service
  • All officers are trained in the same manner and with the same manner and with the same technology
  • County can still attract a higher caliber of employees than a single village can - this gives the villages the advantage of having a large and specialized department without the enormous (capital) cost
  • County can access large amounts of information and records from central system, making enforcement more effective
  • County can get backup from other county units - contracting with municipalities makes this backup easier to provide
  • Lower per capita cost for law enforcement for the Villages of Howard and Allouez Village of Howard does not have to handle union contracts and negotiations Village of Howard has a county officer who provides work on specific cases for the Village


Brown County Sheriff - Thomas Hintz

Deputy Sheriff - Ed Janke

Village of Howard Finance Director - Chris Haltom

Village of Allouez Administrator - Susan Foxworthy

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