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Type of Jurisdictions Involved


Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • Village of Little Chute,
  • Village of Combined Locks,
  • Village of Kimberly





Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services

Implementation and Incubation

  • Previous sharing of services between Villages of Kimberly and Little Chute
  • Village of Combined Locks operated its own "in-house" police department
  • Before 2011 operating year, Village Administrator approached Fox Valley Metro Police Department about combining with Village's in-house department
  • greement went into effect in April 1995 - initiated a 66.0301 (2) agreement to consolidate 14 and 9 officer staff into a combined district with 17,000 residents

Factors Involved

  • Projected cost savings of approximately $561,563
  • Primary obstacle was gaining support of residents
  • Desire for economies of scale, enhances service
  • Communities already had close working relationship from the previous library merger
  • High degree of trust between Village leaders aided in the creation of this partnership
  • Some degree of opposition to the merger - more than 10% of voters signed a petition asking the merger be put up for referendum, although state law does not require approval by voters for consolidation of 'functional' operations


  • Enhances service delivery
  • Cost savings
  • More efficient and streamlined delivery of services


  • Original study showed that the merger might save up to $100,000 in operating expenses in the first year
  • These savings were found to be overestimated - Little Chute had to reassign some of their central administrative costs that they had directly assessed in their own police department
  • Each Village pays a percentage of the costs of the department based on a formula that is weighted by the populations and by the equalized valuations of each community- about a 40% for Kimberly and 60% for Little Chute split
  • Became 'Fox Valley Metro Police Department'
  • Some say real savings is from reducing the added costs for policing in both communities, which have been caused by increasing population growth over the last five years
  • Policing costs in the combined area per capita is about 6.2% below the average comparable sized city in 2000 based on per capita law enforcement costs
  • Enhanced quality of service - two full-time crime investigators, one community relations lieutenant working in schools, at festivals
  • Discussions with the Village of Combined Locks to join joint department as well

Project Contact

Sean Hutchison, Administrator

Village of Combined Locks


Chuck Kell

Village of Little Chute Administrator

(920) 788-7380 ext. 202

Fox Valley Metro Police Chief Dave Peterson

Little Chute Village Administrator

Kimberly Village Administrator

Little Chute Financial Director


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