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Automatic and mutual aid agreement

Type of Jurisdictions Involved




Specific Jurisdictions Involved

Village of Weston, City of Wausau, Villages of Schofield, Rothschild, Ringle, Easton, Town of Wausau, and Town of Rib Mountain





Type of Agreement

Joint, Automatic, and Mutual Aid Agreements


Increased/enhanced service delivery Reduces costs


The Village of Weston has a number of mutual aid agreements with neighboring departments and an automatic aid agreement with the City of Wausau. When Weston needs additional help on a call, we call mutual aid from Schofield, Rothschild, Ringle, Easton, Town of Wausau, and Rib Mountain. Any or all of these jurisdictions may be in Weston assisting us handle a call, just as we may be in their jurisdiction to assist them. The City of Wausau has an automatic aid agreement with Weston whereby they respond with a fire engine, a ladder truck, and five personnel to known structural fires in Weston and commercial fire alarms in high hazard buildings like schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and industrial plants. In return for responding to our fires, the City of Wausau has use of the Village of Weston equipment.

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Daniel Guild


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