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Consolidation of fire protection services

Type of Jurisdictions Involved



Specific Jurisdictions Involved

  • City of Milwaukee,
  • Village of West Milwaukee








Type of Agreement

Consolidation of Services


Implementation and Incubation

City of Milwaukee began providing fire suppression and EMS services to the Village of West Milwaukee in 1991.


Factors Involved

  • Economics and shrinking resources caused desire for future consolidation 
  • No other area fire department can offer the full range of emergency services the Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) offers 
  • MFD has stations and resources well placed to offer consolidation



Challenges included:

  • MFD's "stand-alone" attitude MFD's bad will and poor relationships with county departments
  • Lack of trust between MFD and local departments MFD's "for profit" motive

Concerns Included:

  • Community loss of identity
  • Community loss of control
  • Idea of Village feeling overtaken by "big brother"
  • Smaller community receives second class service
  • Decisions based on emotions and politics rather than service and economy
  • Labor unions/agreements
  • Pension issues



Total Fire Protection and EMS Capabilities Included:

  • 36 engine companies
  • 15 truck companies
  • 12 ALS MED units air truck
  • Heavy urban rescue team
  • Diver rescue/boat team
  • Hazardous materials team
  • 5 battalion chiefs
  • Incident safety officers
  • staffed daily by 231 sworn personnel
  • Quick response times
  • No formal complaints
  • Consolidation of 911 dispatch centers


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Project Contact




Milwaukee Fire Department
(414) 286-8948



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