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The Local Government Center (LGC)at University of Wisconsin Extension is working on the second edition to their publication Performance Measurement, Benchmarking and Outcome-Based Budgeting For Wisconsin Local Government. In putting together this second edition, the Local Government Center is developing a better set of benchmarks and indices. They will be working with 20 local units of government (counties, cities, villages and towns) which have agreed to participate in a pilot program to test the new measures developed by the Local Government Center.

Alan Probst at the Local Government Center is leading this effort. He may be contacted by e-mail at alan.probst@uwex.eduor phone at 608-262-1503. Or, check out the website:

Draft Table of Contents:

  • Why Performance Measurement
  • Introduction
  • PART I. Basics of Performance Measurement
    • Interim solution
    • Building the Performance Measurement System
    • Four Principles
    • Performance Indicators
    • Four-Step Methodology
    • The Logic Model
    • Performance Management Model
    • Points to Remember
  • PART II. The First Steps
    • Desirable Prerequisites for
    • Performance Measurement
    • Determining What Program
    • Activities to Include
    • Establishing a Working Group
    • Key Steps for Performance
    • Measurement Working Groups
    • Defining the Program’s Mission & Objectives
    • Determining What Outcomes to Track
    • Determining What Outcome Indicators to Track
  • PART III. Benchmarking
    • Setting Targets/Goals
    • SMART Goals
  • PART IV. Using Outcome Information
    • Analyzing the Data
    • Using the Performance Information
  • PART V. Institutionalizing the Performance Measurement
    • Cautions
    • Institutionalizing the System
  • PART VI. Putting It All Together
  • PART VII. Example Scenarios
    • References
    • Appendices A, B, C & D
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