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Presentation 3: "Local Government Collaboration in Energy Planning"

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The third presentation in the 2012 LGI web presentation series focused on collaborative initiatives in energy planning. The presentation featured two speakers who shared their experiences with energy planning efforts aimed at making energy systems more efficient and sustainable.

Todd Osman, Co-Founder of the E3 Coalition, spoke about his experience working with ten different municipalities throughout southwest Wisconsin in 2010 to create an energy independence plan.  Mr. Osman was part of a partnership that developed a plan outlining baseline energy use, as well as goals for increasing energy efficiency and sustainability.  Mr. Osman spoke about those successes and the methods and processes that were employed to bring municipalities together to work toward common energy goals.

E3 Coalition is currently applying the municipal energy planning and implementation grant experience and format to a new "Public Private Partnership" (PPP) outreach to underserved small and medium-sized municipalities and businesses. E3 looks forward to providing simplified solutions to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management issues throughout the state.

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Brian Driscoll of the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC), formerly with the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence, discussed his experience with energy planning throughout Wisconsin, tools that are available to local units of government looking to collaborate on energy planning initiatives, as well as WECC's work in interfacing with these local units of government.

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