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In June of 2001, the Wisconsin Towns Association conducted a simple survey of its membership requesting examples of intergovernmental cooperative relations to give the State-Local Government-Private Sector Working Group* an idea of the extent and variety of local efforts. See Appendix A to review the survey. After eight weeks, the association received 352 responses that indicated the following general areas of cooperative relations:

Service No. of Responses
Fire Protection 268
Ambulance 187
Road Maintenance 168
Law Enforcement 114
Recycling 99
Other 79
Solid Waste Management 69
Library 56
Land Use Planning 51
Parks & Recreation 39
Road Construction 31
Land Use Zoning 19
Sewer 18
Purchasing/Bidding 15
Water 13
Emergency Government 11
Dispatch Service 10
Hazardous Waste 4
Road Other 2
Total 1,253

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