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The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and University of Wisconsin Extension recently completed a joint study to determine the impact the Managed Forest Law has on the property tax revenue of towns with managed forest landholdings.

The major finding of the study, based upon 2007 tax data, is that due to the freeze in the shared revenue formula, towns are no longer "held harmless" when managed forest enrollment increases. The reduction in property tax revenue caused by the enrollment is not offset by additional shared revenue, distributions of yield tax or resource aid payments. The overall impact to township tax payers works out to $1.90 per $100,000 of value.

LGI editorial note: In 2008, towns had an average full value effective tax rate of $14.07 per thousand valuation. The impact of the MFL on town property tax payers is effectively a 13% increase in tax rates.

A summary of the study is available here.

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