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Wisconsin Legislative Council Special Committee on Differences in Laws Applicable to Cities and VillagesThe committee was directed to review laws relating to cities and villages to determine discrepancies and inconsistencies in the application of those laws to each type of municipality and recommend, when appropriate and advantageous, rectifying those discrepancies and inconsistencies that exist for no apparent policy rationale.

  • Establishing and Changing Compensation for City and Village Elective Offices
  • Signing Village Contracts
  • Bidding Procedure for Village Public Construction Contracts
  • Officer-of-the-Peace Status of Village Officers
  • Publication by the City Clerk of Fund Receipts and Disbursements
  • Application of Public Contract Bidder Prequalification to 1st Class City
  • Village and 4th Class Cities Regulation of Political Signs
  • Liability of Counties and Cities for Mob Damage
  • Means of Providing Police and Fire Protection by Cities and Villages
  • Holdover Status of Appointed City and Village Officers
  • Use of the s. 32.05 Procedure in Villages for Certain Housing and Urban Renewal Condemnation
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