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From the Daily Journal:

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky's two largest cities plan to study ways they can partner to attract regional economic development.

Mayors from both cities say they specifically are interested in becoming more competitive in advanced manufacturing, such as the automobile industry.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer noted that the region already has two Ford plants and a Toyota plant, but said there is room for more.

The formal partnership of the two cities will build on an informal one that began a few years ago.

"These two communities have always been at opposite poles, and it's crazy in this state for these two communities to not work together," Host said.

The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy research firm in Washington, D.C., will assist the committee with the study and Laura Chandler, who worked with Host on the Louisville Arena Authority, will be the project manager.

The mayors plan to explain more about the study and its goals during luncheons next month in Louisville and Lexington.

"The better we can help economic development in the two cities, the better it helps the state."

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