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Many factors affecting the cost of government are outside the control of administrators and elected officials.  Enery usage, however, is one area where cost savings are within the control of managers.

The Local Government Institute is working with the Office of Energy Independence (OEI), U.W. Extension, and the Energy Center of Wisconsin to understand ways local government can better plan how energy is used.  In January 2009, OEI awarded 10 grants to 23 units of government to prepare energy plans to guide each of the local government units achieve energy independence goals.

LGI is facilitating a series of four meetings during 2009 that will help both the grant recipients and other local units of government understand the lessons that are being learned from these pilot planning processes.  At the end of the year the lessons will be compiled into a report.

The meetings are open to representatives from all local and tribal units of government in Wisconsin.  The meetings currently scheduled include:

Final 25x25 plans are posted below.

We will post more information as it becomes available.

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