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Renewable Energy Summit
Midwest Express Center
Milwaukee, WI
Thursday, March 26th

8:00-9:50 Morning Opening

  • Don Albinger - V.P. Johnson Controls Inc. - Welcome
  • Mayor Larry Nelson – Waukesha – public/private partnerships & solar activities
  • Jeanne Hoffman – Madison – sustainability efforts & solar city
  • Dave Merritt – Dane County – EI Community
  • Ann Beier – Milwaukee – sustainability efforts & solar city

 This session was recorded on audio and video by Wisconsin Eye - go to 2009 Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit Day 2 Part 1

10:00-11:45 EI Pilot Communities – Panel Discussion – facilitated by Brian Driscoll

  • EI Pilot Community Leaders present community priorities (10 local elects)
  • Brown County, Chequamegon Bay, Osceola, Marshfield, Columbus, Evansville, Platteville & Lancaster, Oconomowoc, Fairfield, Spring Green
  • Roles in process:  UW-Extension, Focus on Energy, Energy Center of WI & Local Government Institute

 This session was also recorded in audio and video by Wisconsin Eye - go to 2009 Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit Day 2 Part 2

Individual presentations are attached as files below.

2:00-3:45 EI Communities Evaluation -- facilitated by Gary W. Becker

  • Survey – feedback for priorities at future meetings – Local Government Institute

Summary survey results and presentation are attached as files below.

  • Question & Answer – EI Pilot Communities (10 local leaders)

4:30-6:15 Federal & State Resources for local units of government

Office of Recovery & Revitalization – Federal Stimulus Program

State Programs (Commerce, DNR, OEI, Focus on Energy)

Examples:  Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (COMM); Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (DNR); Schools & Local Government (Focus on  Energy)

Funding presentations are attached as files below.

This was the first in a series of four quarterly meetings.  Here is information on the other meetings:

June 29, 2009
Wisconsin Counties Association, Holiday Inn Conference Center, Stevens Point, WI

September 23, 2009
WEDA Conference, Eau Claire, WI

December 2009
TBA -- Green Bay or Wausau

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