June 29th, 2009 Stevens Point, WI  Holiday Inn
Hosted by Wisconsin Counties Association

Presentations made at the June quarterly meeting in Stevens Point are available on WisconsinEye.  The video is in three parts as shown below.  We have gone through and marked the time in the video where each of the presentations begin.  We have a few of the powerpoints, which have been uploaded to the "Files" section of the group.

Part 1

Morning Introduction/Welcome

  • John Reinemann WI Counties Association - Welcome (Time mark: 0:12)
  • Mayor Mary Jo Carson, City of Wisconsin Rapids (Time mark: 1:40)
  • County Executive Mark Maslowski (Time mark: 6:48)
  • Brian Driscoll, Office of Energy Independence – Overview (Time mark: 9:50)

EI Pilot Communities – Panel Discussion

  • EI Pilot Community Leaders present community priorities (10 local elects)
    • Bill Dowell, Brown County (Time mark: 18:24)
    • Bayfield Mayor Larry MacDonald, Chequamegon Bay (Time mark: 29:03)
    • Timm Johnson, Bob Kazmeriski, Osceola (Time mark: 37:50)
    • Marty Anderson, Marshfield (Time mark: 46:10, loss of audio for portion of presentation)
    • Steven Sobiek, Columbus (Time mark: 54:48)
    • Mayor Sandy Decker, Evansville (Time mark: 1:02:29)
    • City Manager David Berner, Platteville & Lancaster (Time mark: 1:08:50)
    • Dennis Bednarski, Oconomowoc (Time mark: 1:14:12)
    • Town Chair Tim Stone, Town of Fairfield, Sauk Co. (Time mark: 1:22:48)
    • Plan Commissioner Linda Donelly, Spring Green (Time mark: 1:28:00)

Energy Center of Wisconsin – presentation of energy data collection tool

  • Sean Weitner (Time mark: 1:41:27)

Part 2

  • Speakers: 
    • Mark Nook, UW-SP Interim Chancellor (Time mark: 1:10)
    • Christine Thomas, UW-SP Dean, College of Natural Resources (Time mark: 6:58) 

Part 3

Bio-fuels – research & implementation

  • Eric Singaas, UW-Stevens Point bio-fuels researcher (Time mark: 1:05)
  • Mark O’Connell, Alternative Fuels Specialist (Time mark: 36:45)

EI Communities Evaluation/ Next Steps

  • Gary Becker, Local Government Institute Survey – feedback for priorities at future meetings (Time mark: 1:06:08)
  • Question & Answer – EI Pilot Communities (10 local leaders) (Time mark: 1:22:00)
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