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The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin (LGI) conducted a survey of local governments in Wisconsin in June 2009 to gauge awareness of and motivation to engage in planning to achieve energy independence goals.

133 responses were received from counties, cities, villages and towns representing more than 2.5 million Wisconsin residents.  Responses ranged from very rural towns and small villages, such as the Village of Glen Flora, population 95, to our largest cities and counties.

Some of the findings include:
53% were aware of the state's Energy Independent Communities program
86% believe that planning for energy independence is a worthwhile endeavor
44% of local government respondents are motivated to engage in energy planning
51% anticipate preparing an energy independence plan in the future
60% currently do not collect or analyze any energy usage data
85% do not currently have the staff resources to complete an energy plan themselves
The highest ranked barriers to preparing an energy plan were:
  • Funding
  • Staff Time & Resources
  • Technical Expertise

The survey report can be found here.

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