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The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin is pleased to release a white paper on education and training available for local elected officials.  This is the first white paper in a series of three to be published on the topic of education and training for local elected officials.

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This white paper provides a thorough overview of existing resources available to local elected officials, including municipal and county board members, and municipal and county clerks and treasurers.  The paper provides a key starting point for understanding training resources available in Wisconsin.  

In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin and the La Follette School of Public Affairs, LGI hired graduate project assistant Ben Nerad for the fall semester to conduct research on this topic and explore ways of more efficiently and effectively delivering training and education to local elected officials.

Ben is pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work and Public Affairs, and has a background working in the state legislature and doing policy research.  LGI extends its appreciate and gratitude to the University of Wisconsin and the La Follette School of Public Affairs for its collaboration with LGI on this project research assistantship.

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