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From The Telegraph Herald On-Line:

Pilot Program To Share Costs Includes Leaders From 15 Cities and 3 Counties
DES MOINES -- Eight years after Polk County residents balked at a proposal to consolidate local governments, leaders from 15 cities and three counties are part of a pilot program to share the cost of workers, equipment and facilities whenever possible.

Metro-area communities already cut costs by sharing fire chiefs, training programs and emergency dispatch technology. Municipal leaders, though, say a program actively seeking more cost-sharing agreements could mean better services for residents at the same or lower property tax rate.
"Here's the bottom line: We have limited resources and an increasing demand for services. So how do you make that work if you're a local government?" said Tim Moerman, an Ankeny assistant city manager helping lead the initiative. "I think people are inclined to collaborate and find better ways to do things."
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