The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. will collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

2012 Education Needs of Local Elected Officials

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin is pleased to release a white paper on education needs of local elected officials. This is the second white paper in a series of three to be published on the subject of education and training for local elected officials.
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This white paper provides a summary of results from a survey distributed to elected county, municipal, and town elected officials.  Results are presented to illustrate the need these elected officials perceived for training in various training categories.  Survey questions were also asked about preferred training format, as well as the barriers to participation in training programs.  The last white paper in this series will provide recommendations for addressing the gaps in training and education resources relative to existing needs.

2012 Dane County Fire Departments Consider Consolidation

The fire departments of the City of Fitchburg, City of Verona, Village of Oregon and Town of Madison are discussing the possibility of consolidation to provide better services to residents at potentially lower costs.  An article on describing the situation can be found here:
Graduate students from the LaFollette School of Public Policy presented a study recommending consolidation on Jan. 2, 2013.  A news article can be found here: School Recommends Consolidation of Fire Services.pdf
A copy of the study by the La Follette grad students can be found here:

2012 Education and Training Opportunities for Local Elected Officials

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin is pleased to release a white paper on education and training available for local elected officials.  This is the first white paper in a series of three to be published on the topic of education and training for local elected officials.
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This white paper provides a thorough overview of existing resources available to local elected officials, including municipal and county board members, and municipal and county clerks and treasurers.  The paper provides a key starting point for understanding training resources available in Wisconsin.   

Local Government Collaboration in Wisconsin: Case Studies

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2012 Des Moines Area Eyes Collaboration

From The Telegraph Herald On-Line:
Pilot Program To Share Costs Includes Leaders From 15 Cities and 3 Counties
DES MOINES -- Eight years after Polk County residents balked at a proposal to consolidate local governments, leaders from 15 cities and three counties are part of a pilot program to share the cost of workers, equipment and facilities whenever possible.


Metro-area communities already cut costs by sharing fire chiefs, training programs and emergency dispatch technology. Municipal leaders, though, say a program actively seeking more cost-sharing agreements could mean better services for residents at the same or lower property tax rate.

2012 LGI Gives Update on Lean Government in Wisconsin at Wisconsin Counties Association Conference

LGI Executive Director Gary Becker gave an update on lean government work in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Counties Association Conference September 24 in La Crosse.  
Gary gave an overview of the work of the Local Government Institute, a summary of the 2nd annual Lean Government Conference held September 19 in Stevens Point, and discussed key lessons taken from that conference.
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2012 2nd Annual Lean Government Conference A Great Success

On September 19, 2012 in Stevens Point, LGI co-hosted the 2nd Annual Lean Government Conference in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, with the theme "do more better."  
120 individuals from 46 organizations attended the conference, representing county, city, village, and town government, as well as state agencies, school districts, technical colleges, non-profits, and the business community.  Keynote speakers included Roger Gerard, PhD, lean expert and co-author of On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry, and Mike Levinson, former City Manager of Coral Springs, Florida, the only state or local government to receive the Presidential Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

2012 Shawano City, County Officials Hold Rare Meeting

Shawano Common Council and Shawano County Board of Supervisors meet for the first time in two years, and plan to keep in better touch in the future to discuss issues of common concern.
Click here to read the article from The Shawano Leader.

2012 Case Study Resource Directory Continues to Grow

With limited resoures, collaboration and partnerships between local units of government play an important role in enhancing and improving service delivery and addressing difficult issues.
The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin continues to expand its resource directory of case study examples of collaboration between local units of government and other entities.  We invite you to explore the directory to see if there are case studies that can help assist your community with its collaborative effort.
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This is a working directory, as it will be added to and enhanced as more examples and information become available.

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