The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. will collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

07/13/12 - Beloit, Janesville Look to Cooperate

The Cities of Beloit and Janesville are working together to determine ways the two municipalities can collaborate to increase efficiency and save money.  Collaboration has occurred in areas such as plumbing inspection, public works materials purchase, and planning for management of Emerald Ash Borers.
Click here for the article from the Beloit Daily News.

07/12/12 - Aim For More Mergers at Local Level

This Wisconsin State Journal editorial argues for more cooperation between local units of government in order to save money and improve service delivery.
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Presentation 3 - "Local Government Collaboration in Energy Planning"

Presentation 3: "Local Government Collaboration in Energy Planning"
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The third presentation in the 2012 LGI web presentation series focused on collaborative initiatives in energy planning. The presentation featured two speakers who shared their experiences with energy planning efforts aimed at making energy systems more efficient and sustainable.

06/26/12 - State of Ohio Completes Shared Services Action Plan

The Ohio Governor's Office of 21st Century Education, in partnership with the Ohio Office of Budget and Management, have recently completed the study Beyond Boundaries: A Shared Services Action Plan for Ohio Schools and Governments.  The study included a survey of government entities and leadership to determine the current state of shared services in Ohio.  The plan serves as a "roadmap" for furthering collaborative approaches to delivering necessary services, increasing efficiency and service delivery, and reducing costs.

06/15/12 - Energy on Wisconsin Quarterly Meetings

From UW-Extension:
Energy on Wisconsin, a collaboration of the State Energy Office and UW-Extension, will host quarterly gatherings of Energy Independent Communities (EIC) and other municipalities and school districts interested in sustaiinable energy programming. The sessions are designed to promote networking and learning from each other.  Each of the gatherings will include a case study of the host area energy and sustainability programs and projects, sharing between attendees, information/training about the topic session, funding opportunities and strategies for that topic, and a tour, event or both.  Meetings will be held in different regions around the state to promote participation.
Session 1: April 20, 2012, Evansville, WI

  • Topic: Community Education and Outreach

Session 2: July 18, 2012, Ashland, WI

Technical Assistance & Funding Available for Energy Efficiency Activities

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), in partnership with the Surdna Foundation, is offering technical assistance services over the next 12 months to local governments and other local stakeholders around the U.S. on energy efficiency policy and program implementation.

Smaller Cities that Think Big: Lessons from Resurgent and Transforming Cities

The Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia Federal Reserve recently discussed their research on older industrial cities, with a particular focus on smaller cities. The research centered on the following questions:

05/23/12 - Brown County Lean Initiative - "The Lean Letter" Newsletter Available

According to the Wisconsin Counties Association, Brown County has successfully implemented more than 20 business process improvement events in 14 different departments during the first three years of implementation of its Lean Management initiative.
For a copy of the Spring 2012 Brown County Lean Newsletter, click here.
For more information on Brown County's Lean Management initiative, click here.

05/23/12 - Urban Land Institute Announces Release of Infrastructure 2012 Report

The Urban Land Institute recently announced the release of the Infrastructure 2012 report, prepared in conjunction with Ernst and Young, which found that constrained budgets and a growing recognition of the importance of infrastructure has led many state, regional, and local governments in the United States to adopt innovative strategies to fund, plan for, build, and manage infrastructure. 
For more information on the report, click here.
To view a copy of the Infrastructure 2012 report, click here.

2012 LGI Webinar Series: Webinar 2 - "Efficiency and Equity in Water and Wastewater Services: Consolidation and Revenue Sharing Case Studies"

Webinar 2: "Efficiency and Equity in Water and Wastewater Services: Consolidation and Revenue Sharing Case Studies"
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 12:00 pm
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