The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. will collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

2012 LGI Webinar Series: Webinar 1 - "Establishing a Forum for Collaboration"

Webinar 1: "Establishing a Forum for Collaboration"
Friday, April 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm
Join us for the first webinar of the 2012 LGI Webinar Series focusing on creating collaboration initiatives.
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03/14/12 Local Government Trends From WCMA Conference

The Wisconsin City County Managers Association (WCMA) held its winter conference last week in Eau Claire.  Robert O'Neill, Executive Director of the International City Managers Association (ICMA) spoke on current trends impacting local government and how local governments can manage in the face of these trends.  
Key points from Bob's presentation:
1. The federal government will essentially have no domestic agenda for the next decade.  Entitlements, defense, and debt will claim nearly all federal revenue for the next ten years.  With no ability to raise additional revenue, the federal government will continue to cut domestic spending.

02/06/12 - Code for America Opens 'Civic Accelerator' in San Francisco

From the San Francisco Chronicle
by James Temple
January 6, 2012
The nonprofit Code for America plans to open a first-of-its-kind "civic accelerator" in San Francisco, a program designed to house, mentor, and fund startups focused on using technology to improve government efficiency.
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01/23/2012 - Editorial: Step It Up on Shared Services

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01/18/12 - Local Governments Poised to Reinvent Themselves

Local governments find new ways to cut costs and improve efficiency.
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01/13/2012 - Shared Services & Cost-Saving Collaboration

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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Monte Mercer, "Shared Services and Cost-Saving Collaboration Deserve Repect," PM Magazine, May 2011, published by ICMA (International City/County Management Association).

01/11/2012 - Extreme Government Makeover Aims to Improve Capacity, Effectiveness of Public Sector

The Extreme Government Makeover Workshop will be February 9 in Madison.
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11/8/11 - Case Study Resource Directory Now Available

With limited resources, collaboration and partnerships between local units of government play an important role in enhancing and improving service delivery and addressing difficult issues.  
The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin is pleased to announce the release of a resource directory which includes case study examples of collaboration between local units of government and other entitites.  This directory was created in part from submissions of examples from local government officials across the state.
Case Study Resource Directory
This is a working resource directory, as it will be added to and enhanced as more examples present themselves.

09/27/11 Video From Wisconsin Counties Association Conference

The Wisconsin Counties Association Conference was held the last week of September.  Wisconsin Eye covered key portions of the conference and have posted the video to their website.  Coverage includes:

  • Union Negotiations in the New Landscape
  • WCA's Second General Assembly
  • Budgeting In the New Environment
  • Highway Maintenance in an Era of Budget Cuts

The video can be found at

Guide to Sustainable Transportation Performance Measurements

Performance measurements help us know how we are doing in meeting our objectives.  If our objective is the highest level of service at the lowest cost with the least environmental impact, the only way to know whether we are hitting those objectives is through the selection of appropriate performance measures. 
This publication from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes a set of performance measures to meet the objectives described above.
Guide to Sustainable Transportation Performance Measurements - 2.6 mb

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