The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. will collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

07/06/10 - Local Government Collaboration Can Help Rural Areas Face Fiscal Challenges

A recent article in the Kansas City Federal Reserve newsletter "Main Street Economist" describes how local governments in rural areas can cope with fiscal stress through strategies that include consolidation of service delivery, cooperation and collaboration.
Download the full article here.
An excerpt:
"Local governments have a number of options for increasing efficiencies, and most fall into one of four categories - consolidation, intermunicipality cooperation, internal reorganization and privatization.  If local governments can find ways to increase efficiency, they can cope with current fiscal challenges more easily and improve their long-term fiscal health."
Follow this link to view the article on the Kansas City Fed website:

05/27/10 LGI & Johnson Foundation Host Forum At Wingspread

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin and the Johnson Foundation hosted a forum for Racine area business and local government leaders on Thursday May 27, 2010.  The 36 people in attendance heard a presentation of the "Roadmap for Government Transformation" by Christine Smith and Dave Varana of Baker Tilly followed by comments and discussion from a panel of local government leaders experienced in intergovernmental cooperation.  Audience members were given an opportunity to pose questions to the researchers and panelists.  Concluding remarks were made by LGI Executive Director Gary W. Becker and Johnson Bank President Russ Weyers.

05/24/10 New York Times Article on Local Government Consolidation

Hard Times Spur Ideas for Change

05/17/10 - Beyond Milwaukee County: Challenges Facing Wisconsin’s Other Counties

A public policy forum "Beyond Milwaukee County: Challenges Facing Wisconsin’s Other Counties" was held at the Italian Conference Center in Milwaukee on May 17, 2010. Moderated by Charles Law Director, UW-Extension Local Government Center.  The presentation is available for watching or listening from Wisconsin Eye.  Follow this link  to the Forums page of Wisconsin Eye.  Forums are organized by date – scroll down to May 17, 2010 to find this discussion.
Panelists for this forum included:
 David Bretl, Walworth County Administrator

05/06/10 - Government Collaboration Will Be Key In Recovery

05.06.2010 10:42 am
Panel talk: Gov’t collaboration will be key in recovery
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The recession and the fiscal crisis it’s setting off in state and local governments will force creativity and even (gasp) collaboration in providing services. Or at least it ought to.

What The Press Is Saying About "A Roadmap for Government Transformation"

Since the LGI announced the release of "A Roadmap for Government Transformation" at a press conference in the Capitol on March 16, 2010, people are taking notice.  Articles that have appeared in the media are attached below.  An hour-long call-in talk show hosted by Ben Merens on Wisconson Public Radio featuring an interview on the report with our own Bill Mielke can be accessed by clicking here.
Other reports:
Milwaukee Fox6 March 16, 2010
Milwaukee WTAQ March 17, 2010

Press Release - A Roadmap for Government Transformation

Transform Government by Consolidating and Delivering Services More Efficiently for Taxpayers - LGI Issues Report - Download Here
Comprehensive Report Released Today by Group Representing Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages

Energy Independence Workshop - August 4, 2010

Wednesday August 4, 2010
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
1000 Islands Environmental Center
1000 Beaulieu Court
Kaukauna, WI
Host: City of Kaukauna and Kaukauna Utilities
Meeting Agenda:
8:00 - 9:00 am - Check-In, Coffee, Continental-Style Breakfast, Conversation
9:00 - 9:30 am - Introductions and Welcome

  • Mayor of Kaukauna, Gene Rosin
  • Kaukauna City Council President, Lee Meyerhofer (Invited)
  • WI Representative, Tom Nelson
  • WI Senator, Rob Cowles
  • 2010 EI Pilot Communities
  • 2009 EI Pilot Communities

9:30 - 11:00 am - Energy Sustainability and Economic Development

Energy Independence Workshop - April 7, 2010

Energy Independence Workshop
April 7, 2010
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Eau Claire, WI
Meeting Agenda:

9:00-9:30 Introductions and Welcome

  • Eau Claire County Chair, Gregg Moore
  • City Manager of Eau Claire, Mike Huggins
  • Office Of Energy Independence Director, Judy Ziewacz (invited)
  • 2010 EI Pilot Communities (11 EI Team Leaders)
  • 2009 EI Pilot Communities (EI Team Leaders)

9:30-10:45 Local Financing Opportunities for Retrofits – PACE, On-bill, other

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